Lux aeterna

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Lux aeterna, lumen potens (Godescalcus fuldensis)



Lux aeterna, lumen potens,

dies indeficiens,

debellator atrae noctis,

reparator luminis,

destructorque tenebrarum,

illustrator mentium:

Quo nascente suscitamur,

quo vocante surgimus;

faciente quo beati,

quo liquente miseri;

quo a morte liberati,

quo sumus perlucidi;

Mortis quo victores facti,

noctis atque saeculi;

ergo nobis, rex aeternae,

lucem illam tribue,

quae fuscator nulla nocte,

solo gaudens lumine.

Honor Patri sit ac tibi,

Sancto sit Spiritui,

Deo trino sed et uni,

paci, vitae, lumini,

nomini prae cunctis dulci

divinoque numini, Amen.


Daylight Eternal, Light Powerful,

Day Unfailing,

Conqueror of dark night,

Restorer of light,

and Destroyer of darkness,

Illuminator of minds:

By Whose being born, we are awakened,

By Whose calling, we rise;

By Whose doing, we are blessed,

By Whose leaving, we are miserable;

By Whom from death, we are liberated,

By Whom we are translucent;

By Whom we are made victors of death,

of night and of the world;

therefore to us, King Eternal,

that light, grant,

which is darkened by no night

rejoicing in the only light.

May honor be to the Father and to Thee,

and may it be to the Holy Spirit,

To God Triune but also One,

Who is Peace, Life, Light,

To the name which is above all sweet

And to the Divine Godhead. Amen.

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