Ternis ter horis

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Ternis ter horis numerus (saec. VIII)


Melody: e e dc d e f e d


Ternis ter horis numerus

nobis sacratus panditur,

sanctoque Jesu nomine

munus precemur veniae.

Latronis, en, confessio

Christi meretur gratiam;

laus nostra vel devotio

mercetur indulgetiam.

Mors per crucem nunc interit

et post tenebras lux redit;

horror dehiscat criminum,

splendor nitescat mentium.

Christum rogamus et Patrem,

Christi Patrisque Spiritum,

unum potens per omnia,

fove precantes, Trinitas. Amen.


Thrice by threefold hours the number

sacred to us is announced,

and to the holy name of Jesus

let us implore the gift of pardon.

Lo! The thief's confession

merits Christ's grace;

our praise and indeed our devotion

may thus obtain indulgence.

Death through the cross now perishes

and after the darkness light returns;

may the horror of our crimes be broken apart

may the lustre of our minds begin to shine.

Christ we entreat and the Father,

and the Spirit of Christ and the Father,

One, Powerful, through all,

Inflame those imploring Thee, O Trinity. Amen.

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