Aeterne lucis conditor

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Aeterne lucis conditor (saec. V-VI)



Aeterne lucis conditor,

lux ipse totus et dies,

noctem nec ullam sentiens

natura lucis perpeti,

Iam cedit pallens proximo

diei nox adventui,

obtudens lumen siderum

adest et clarus lucifer.

Iam stratis laeti surgimus

grates canentes et tuas,

quod caecam noctem vicerit

revectans rursus sol diem.

Te nunc, ne carnis gaudia

blandis subrepant aestibus,

dolis ne cedat saeculi

mens nostra, sancte, quaesumus.

Ira ne rixas provocet,

gulam ne venter incitet,

opum pervertat ne famis,

turpis ne luxus occupet,

Sed firma mente sobrii,

casto manentes corpore

totum fideli spiritu

Christo ducamus hunc diem.

Praesta, Pater piisime,

Patrique compar Unice,

cum Spiritu Paraclito

regnans per omne saeculum. Amen.


The Eternal Creator of light,

The Light, He is, and the total day,

not any night experiencing

in a perpetual nature of light,

Now the pale night cedes

to the approaching arrival of day,

weakening is the light of the stars

and present is the gleaming morning star.

Now from beds joyful we rise

and singing Thy thanks,

because the sun carrying back again the day

will conquer the blind night.

Thee, now, let not the flesh's delights

creep in with coaxing passions,

let not our mind cede

to the deceits of the age, Holy One, we ask.

Let anger not provoke quarrels,

nor let the stomach incite the appetite,

nor let it pervert the cravings of wealth,

nor let disgraceful luxury occupy,

But sobre with a firm mind,

remaining in a chaste body

with a faithful spirit, for Christ,

let us command this whole day.

Grant this, Father most loving,

and the only One equal to the Father,

with the Spirit Paraclete

reigning through every age. Amen.