Christe, caelorum habitator

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Christe, caelorum habitator alme (saec. X)


Melody: defd dc cd d d


Christe, caelorum habitator alme,

vita sanctorum, via, spes salusque,

hostiam clemens, tibi quam litamus,

suscipe laudis.

Omnium semper chorus angelorum

in polo temet benedicit alto,

atque te sancti simul universi

laudibus ornant.

Virginis sanctae meritis Mariae

atque cunctorum pariter piorum,

contine poenam, pie, quam meremur

daque medelam.

Hic tuam praesta celebrare laudem,

ut tibi fidi valeamus illam

prosequi in caelis Triadi canentes

iugiter hymnos. Amen.


O Christ, Dear Inhabitor of the heavens,

life of the saints, the way, hope and salvation,

this offering of praises, for Thee which we offer in sacrifice,

Accept, O Clement One!

The choir of all the angels forever

in the high heavens bless Thee,

and, Thee, all the saints simultaneously

honour with praises.

By the merits of the holy Virgin Mary

and also of all the Blessed,

hold back the penalty, O Righteous One, which we deserve

and give healing.

Now grant us to celebrate your praise,

that to Thee the Trinity with stringed instruments

we may be able to pursue to be in the heavens singing that

and hymns unendingly. Amen.

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