Consors paterni

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Consors paterni luminis (saec. VI-VII)


Melody: d e f g eg f e f


Consors paterni luminis,

lux ipse lucis et dies,

noctem canendo rumpimus:

assiste postulantibus.

Aufer tenebras mentium,

fuga catervas daemonum,

expelle somnolentiam

ne pigritantes obruat.

Sic, Christe, nobis omnibus

indulgeas credentibus

ut prosit exorantibus

quod praecinentes psallimus.

Sit, Christe, rex piisime,

tibi Patrique gloria

cum Spiritu Paraclito,

in sempiterna saecula. Amen.


The Sharer of the Father's light,

He the light of light and the day,

the night, with singing, we break:

attend to the petitioning.

Take away the darkness of the minds,

put to flight the swarms of demons,

expel somnolence

may it not overwhelm the indolent.

Thus, Christ, to all of us

may Thou be indulgent to believers,

that it may profit those imploring

what we sing with psalms.

May it be, O Christ, king most loving,

and to Thee Father, Glory

with the Spirit Paraclete,

in every age. Amen.