Dei fide

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Dei fide, qua vivimus (saec. VIII)


Melody: e e dc d e f e d


Dei fide, qua vívimus,

qua spe perénni crédimus,

per caritátis grátiam

Christi canámus glóriam,

Qui ductus hora tértia

ad passiónis hóstiam,

crucis ferens suspéndia

ovem redúxit pérditam.

Precémur ergo súbditi,

redemptióne líberi,

ut éruat a sæculo

quos solvit a chirógrapho.

Christum rogámus et Patrem,

Christi Patrísque Spíritum;

unum potens per ómnia,

fove precántes, Trínitas. Amen.


In faith in God in which we live,

in the everlasting hope by which we believe,

through the grace of charity,

let us sing of Christ’s glory.

Led at the third hour

to the sacrifice of His passion,

bearing the gallows of the Cross,

He brought back the lost sheep.

Let us pray, therefore, in submission,

that, having freed us by His redemption,

He may deliver from the world

those for whom He has paid the debt.

We beseech you, O Christ and the Father,

and the Spirit of Christ and of the Father:

O Trinity, one and all-powerful,

show favor to our supplications. Amen.