Dicamus laudes

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Dicamus laudes Domino (ante saec. VI)


Melody: a a a a a a g g

Melody: d c d f e d d c

Melody: g g ab b ag abCb ag g

Melody: f e d e dc de e e


Dicamus laudes Domino

fervente prompti spiritu;

hora voluta sexies

nos ad orandum provocat.

In hac enim fidelibus

verae salutis gloria,

beati Agni hostia,

crucis virtute redditur.

Cuius luce clarissima

tenebricat meridies;

sumamus toto pectore

tanti splendoris gratiam.

Deo Patri sit gloria

eiusque soli Filio

cum Spiritu Paraclito,

in sempiterna saecula. Amen.


Let us our praises to God now speak

In a spirit ready, and devoutly;

The hour on its sixth arrival

Calls us now to prayer.

For to the faithful in this way

The glory of true health—

The sacrifice of the blessed Lamb—

By virtue of the cross is offered.

In this brightest of light

Even the mid-day sun seems dark;

Let us soak in with all our heart

The grace of such luster.

To God the Father be the glory

And to his only Son,

With the Spirit Paraclete

While all ages run. Amen.