Ecce iam noctis

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Ecce iam noctis tenuatur umbra (Alcuinus? saec. VIII-IX)


Melody: e f e de e


Ecce iam noctis tenuatur umbra,

lucis aurora rutilans coruscat;

nisibus totis rogitemus omnes


Ut Deus, nostri miseratus, omnem

pellat angorem, tribuat salutem,

donet et nobis pietate patris

regna polorum.

Praestet hoc nobis Deitas beata

Patris ac Nati, pariterque Sancti

Spiritus, cuius resonat per omnem

gloria mundum. Amen.


Behold now the night's shadow is tenuated,

the light's reddening dawn brandishes;

with all our effort let us all ask

The All-Powerful One,

That God, our merciful one, may all

anguish drive out, may bestow health,

and may grant to us in the kindness of the Father

the kingdoms of the heavens.

May He grant this to us, the Deity blessed

of the Father and of the Son, and together with the Holy

Spirit, whose glory resounds through all

the world. Amen.