Ex more docti

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Ex more docti mystico (Gregorius Magnus?)



Ex more docti mystico

servemus abstinentiam,

deno dierum circulo

ducto quater notissimo.

Lex et prophetae primitus

hanc praetulerunt, postmodum

Christus sacravit, omnium

rex atque factor temporum.

Utamur ergo parcius

verbis, cibis et potibus,

somno, iocis et arctius

perstemus in custodia.

Vitemus autem pessima

quae subruunt mentes vagas,

nullumque demus callido

hosti locum tyrannidis.

Praesta, beata Trinitas,

concede, simplex Unitas,

ut fructuosa sint tuis

haec parcitatis munera. Amen.


From the custom mystical, having been taught

may we keep abstinence,

in the ten days' cycle

being lead four times, most well known.

The Law and the Prophets first

this demonstrated, later

Christ consecrated it, all things'

King and also the Maker of time.

May we enjoy in, therefore, sparingly

words, food and drink,

sleep, jokes and strictly

may we persevere with care.

May we avoid, moreover, the worst

which undermines the wandering mind,

and not may we give to the cunning

enemy, a position of tyranny.

Grant, O Blessed Trinity,

Vouchsafe, O Simple Unity,

that fruitfulness may be in Thine

these gifts of frugality. Amen.