Igne divini

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Igne divini radians amoris (Alfanus I salernensis)


Melody: d e f ga g


Igne divini radians amoris

corporis sexum superavit Agnes,

et super carnem potuere carnis

claustra pudicae.

Spiritum celsae capiunt cohortes

candidum, caeli super astra tollunt;

iungitur Sponsi thalamis pudica

sponsa beatis.

Virgo, nunc nostrae miserere sortis

et, tuum quisquis celebrat tropaeum,

impetret sibi veniam reatus

atque salutem.

Redde pacatum populo precanti

principem caeli dominumque terrae

donet ut pacem pius et quietae

tempora vitae.

Laudibus mitem celebremus Agnum,

casta quem sponsum sibi legit Agnes,

astra qui caeli moderatur atque

cuncta gubernat. Amen.


Radiating with the fire of divine love

Agnes rises above the sex of her body,

and, above mere flesh, were able to be

the cloisters of pure flesh.

Her spirit, sublime cohorts take hold of,

white it is; above heaven's stars, they lift it;

joined to the blessed chambers of the Bridegroom,

the pure bride.

O virgin, now have mercy on our lot

and, may whoever celebrates thy victory,

obtain for themself pardon of guilt

and also salvation.

Render calm to the people imploring

the Prince of heaven and Lord of earth

that the Holy One may grant peace and the

times of a calm life.

With praises let us celebrate the meek Agnus,

whom the chaste Agnes chose and spoused to herself,

who moderates the stars of heaven and

governs all things. Amen.