Magi videntes

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Magi videntes parvulum (Prudentius)



Magi videntes parvulum

eoa promunt munera,

stratique votis offerunt

tus, myrrham et aurum regium.

Agnosce clara insignia

virtutis ac regni tui,

Puer, cui trinam Pater

praedestinavit indolem:

Regem Deumque annuntiant

thesaurus et fragrans odor

turis Sabaei, at myrrheus

pulvis sepulcrum praedocet.

O sola magnarum urbium

maior Bethlem, cui contigit

ducem salutis caelitus

incorporatum gignere!

Hunc et prophetis testibus

isdemque signatoribus

testator et sator iubet

adire regnum et cernere:

Regnum quod ambit omnia

dia et marina et terrea

a solis ortu ad exitum

et tartara et caelum supra.

Iesu, tibi sit gloria,

qui te revelas gentibus,

cum Patre et almo Spiritu,

in sempiterna saecula. Amen.


The Magi, seeing the infant,

present gifts from the East,

and, prostrated with prayers, offer

frankincense, myrrh and gold royal.

Acknowledge the clear ensigns

of your powers and kingdom,

O Child, to Whom the Father

predestined a triple character:

King and God, they announce,

the treasure and fragranting odour

of the frankincense of Saba, but the myrrh

powder, the sepulchre it predicts.

O only one, of the great cities,

even greater, Bethlehem! to whom it came to pass

the Leader of Heavenly Salvation

incarnated, was born!

This with prophets and proclaimers

and with the same witnesses

the Proclaimer and Sower rejoices

to announce the Kingdom and to winnow:

A Kingdom which encompasses all

the skies and in the seas and of the earth

from the sun's rising to setting

both the underworld and above the heavens.

O Jesus, to Thee may Glory be,

Who reveal Thyself to the nations,

with the Father and the loving Spirit

in everlasting ages. Amen.