Nunc Sancte

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Nunc, Sancte, nobis, Spiritus (Ambrosius?)


Melody: a a a a a a g g

Melody: d c d f e d d c

Melody: g g ab b ag abCb ag g

Melody: f e d e dc de e e

Melody: d d d c d f e d


Nunc, Sancte, nobis, Spiritus,

unum Patri cum Filio,

dignare promptus ingeri

nostro refusus pectori.

Os, lingua, mens, sensus, vigor

confessionem personent,

flammescat igne caritas

accendat ardor proximos.

Per te sciamus da patrem

noscamus atque Filium,

te utriusque Spiritum

credamus omni tempore. Amen.


Now, O Holy Spirit, to us,

one with the Father and with the Son,

grant zeal to be infused

poured back in our hearts.

Mouth, tongue, mind, sense, vigour

may they proclaim a profession of faith,

may charity inflame with fire,

may the flame kindle our neighbours.

Grant that through thee may we know the Father,

may we come to know also the Son

and thee Spirit who are of both

may we believe for all time. Amen.