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Meter: [[:Category:|]]
Meter: [[:Category:|]]
Melody: [[Category:aaaaaabaa|aaaaaabaa]]
Melody: [[:Category:aaaaaabaa|aaaaaabaa]]
*[[file:197_Pergrata_mundo.mp3‎]] H.I, p. 197
*[[file:197_Pergrata_mundo.mp3‎]] H.I, p. 197

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Pergrata mundo nuntiat (novus)


Melody: aaaaaabaa


Pergrata mundo nuntiat

aurora solis spicula,

res et colore vestiens

iam cuncta dat nitescere.

Qui sol per aevum praenites,

O Christe, nobis vividus,

ad te cenentes vertimur,

te gestientes perfrui.

Tu Patris es scientia

Verbumque per quod omnia

miro refulgent ordine

mentesque nostras attrahunt.

Da lucis ut nos filii

sic ambulemus impigri,

ut Patris usque gratiam

mores et actus exprimant.

Sincera praesta ut profluant

ex ore nostro iugiter,

et veritatis dulcibus

ut excitemur gaudiis.

Sit, Christe, rex piisime,

tibi Patrique gloria

cum Spiritu Paraclito,

in sempiterna secula. Amen.


The graced dawn, to the world,

announces the sun's spikes,

and all things with colour clothing

now gives all to begin to shine.

The Sun who throughout all time shines,

O Christ, Thou are life for us,

to Thee, we singing are turned,

being eager to have full enjoyment of Thee.

Thou are the knowledge of the Father

and the Word through Whom all things

reflect with wonderful order

and attract our minds.

Grant that we may be sons of light

active, as we walk,

that the Father's grace may continually

by our behaviour and actions, expressed.

Grant that sincerities may flow

from our mouth continually,

and that by truth's sweet

joys may we be roused.

May it be, O Christ, King most loving,

and to Thee Father: Glory!

with the Spirit Paraclete

in everlasting ages. Amen.