Somno refectis

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Somno refectis artubus (saec. VI-VII)


Melody: d e f g eg f e f


Somno refectis artubus,

spreto cubili, surgimus:

nobis, Pater, canentibus

adesse te deposcimus.

Te lingua primum concinat,

te mentis ardor ambiat,

ut actuum sequentium

tu, sancte, sis exordium.

Cedant tenebrae lumini

et nox diurno sideri,

ut culpa, quam nox intulit,

lucis labascat munere.

Precamur idem supplices

noxas ut omnes amputes,

et ore te canentium

lauderis in perpetuum.

Praesta, Pater piisime,

Patrique compar Unice,

cum Spiritu Paraclito

regnans per omne saeculum. Amen.


With sleep, the limbs having been refreshed,

the bed having been spurned, we rise:

Come to us, Father, who are singing

to be near Thee, we ask earnestly.

Thee, may the tongue first sing of,

from Thee, may love visit our minds,

that, of the acts following,

Thou, Holy One, may be the beginning.

May darkness give way to the light

and the night to the day star

that fault, which the night brought in,

may yield to light's office.

We pray the same kneeling

that every offence you may take away,

and Thou, from the mouth of those singing,

may be praised in perpetuity.

Grant this, Father most tender,

and the only One equal to the Father,

with the Spirit Paraclete

reigning through every age. Amen.