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Melody: [[:Category:cd d de c def fe de e|cd d de c def fe de e]]
Melody: [[:Category:cd d de c def fe de e|cd d de c def fe de e]]
*[[file:005_Verbum_supernum.mp3‎]] [[:Categoyr:H.II|H.II]], p. 5
*[[file:005_Verbum_supernum.mp3‎]] [[:Category:H.II|H.II]], p. 5
Melody: [[:Category:a g a C D E D D|a g a C D E D D]]
Melody: [[:Category:a g a C D E D D|a g a C D E D D]]

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Verbum supernum prodiens, a Patre lumen exiens (saec. X)


Melody: cd d de c def fe de e

Melody: a g a C D E D D


Verbum supernum prodiens

a Patre lumen exiens,

qui natus orbi subvenis

cursu declivi temporis:

Illumina nunc pectora

tuoque amore concrema;

audita per praeconia

sint pulsa tandem lubrica.

Iudexque cum post aderis

rimari facta pectoris,

reddens vicem pro abditis

iustisque regnum pro bonis,

Non demum artemur malis

pro qualitate criminis,

sed cum beatis compotes

simus perennes caelites.

Sit, Christe, rex piisime,

tibi Patrique gloria

cum Spiritu Paraclito,

in sempiterna saecula. Amen.


O Word Heavenly coming forth

from the Father, light issuing,

Who was born in the world, Thou did come to rescue

from the declining course of the time:

Illuminate now hearts

and by your love consume them by fire;

through heard proclamations

may deceits be finally driven out.

And Thou the Judge, when after Thou will be present

to probe the deeds of the heart,

rendering a repayment for hidden things

and for the just a kingdom for the good.

Do not let us be crushed by the jaws of the peoples

for the nature of crime,

but sharing with the Blessed

may we be eternally in the celestial courts.

May it be, O Christ, King most loving,

and to Thee, Father: Glory!

with the Spirit Paraclete

in everlasting ages. Amen.