Iam lucis

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Iam lucis orto sidere (saec. VIII ?)


Melody: e c d f ef g f e


Iam lucis orto sidere

Deum precemur supplices,

ut in diurnis actibus

nos servet a nocentibus.

Linguam refrenans temperet,

ne litis horror insonet;

visum fovendo contegat,

ne vanitates hauriat.

Sint pura cordis intima,

absistat et vecordia;

carnis terat superbiam

potus cibique parcitas;

Ut, cum dies abscesserit

noctemque sors reduxerit,

mundi per abstinentiam

ipsi canamus gloriam.

Deo Patri sit gloria

eiusque soli Filio

cum Spiritu Paraclito,

in sempiterna saecula. Amen.


Now with the risen star of light

let us suppliant implore God,

that in the day's acts,

us, He may preserve from harm.

The tongue, restraining may He temper,

lest quarrels, horror may resound;

The vision, from what would be warming, may He conceal,

lest vanities may swallow up.

May they be pure, the heart's intimate parts,

and may it desist, folly;

may parcity of food and drink

wear away the flesh's arrogance.

That, when the day passes away

and night, order leads back,

clean through abstinence

to Him may we sing glory.

To God the Father, may be Glory

and to His only Son

with the Spirit Paraclete,

in everlasting ages. Amen.