Nocte surgentes

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Nocte surgentes, vigilemus omnes (Saec. VIII-IX)


Melody: d c d fg f


Nocte surgentes vigilemus omnes,

semper in psalmis meditemur atque

viribus totis Domino canamus

dulciter hymnos,

Ut, pio regi pariter canentes

cum suis sanctis mereamur aulam

ingredi caeli, simul et beatam

ducere vitam.

Praestet hoc nobis Deitas beata

Patris ac Nati, pariterque Sancti

Spiritus, cuius resonat per omnem

gloria mundum. Amen.


In the night, rising let us keep vigil everyone,

at all times in psalms let us meditate and

with all our strength to the Lord let us sing

sweetly, hymns,

That, to the Holy King together singing,

with His saints may we merit the hall

of heaven to enter, and likewise a blessed

life to lead.

May He grant this to us, the Deity Blessed

of Father and of Son, and equally of Holy

Spirit, of whose glory resonates throughout all

the world. Amen.