Rector potens

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Rector potens, verax Deus (Ambrosius?)


Melody: a a a a a a g g

Melody: d c d f e d d c

Melody: g g ab b ag abCb ag g

Melody: f e d e dc de e e

Melody: d d d c d f e d



Powerful ruler, true God,

Who steers the changing of all things,

By the splendor of the morning light

You beckon forth the mid-day sun.

Extinguish the flames of bickering,

And douse foul hatred’s heat.

Confer on us health of body

And to our hearts true peace.

Grant us this favor, most holy Father,

And You who alone are his equal

Who with the Spirit Paraclete

Reigns forever and ever, Amen.