Splendor paternae

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Splendor paternae gloriae (Ambrosius)


Melody: a a a a a ab a a


Splendor paternae gloriae,

de luce lucem proferens,

lux lucis et fons luminis,

diem dies illuminans,

Verusque sol, illabere

micans nitore perpeti,

iubarque Sancti Spiritus

infunde nostris sensibus.

Votis vocemus et Patrem,

Patrem perennis gloriae,

Patrem potentis gratiae,

culpam releget lubricam.

Informet actus strenuos,

dentem retundat invidi,

casus secundet asperos,

donet gerendi gratiam.

Mentem gubernet et regat

casto, fideli corpore;

fides calore ferveat,

fraudis venena nesciat.

Christusque nobis sit cibus,

potusque noster sit fides;

laeti bibamus sobriam

ebrietatem Spritus.

Laetus dies hic transeat;

pudor sit ut diluculum,

fides velut meridies,

crepusculum mens nesciat.

Aurora cursus provehit;

Aurora totus prodeat,

in Patre totus Filius

et totus in Verbo Pater. Amen.


Splendour of the Father's Glory

bringing forth light from light

Light of Light and Fount of Light

the Day illuminating the day,

And the True Sun, descend!

Flashing with brightness perpetual,

and, the radiance of the Holy Spirit,

infuse into our senses.

With petitions let us call upon also the Father,

the Father of eternal perennial glory,

the Father of powerful grace,

may He remove our impure faults.

May He inform in us acts strenuous,

May He blunt the tooth of hate,

May He turn the difficult cases to prosperity,

May He grant the grace to bear what has be beared.

The mind may He govern, and reign

in a chaste, faithful body;

May faith be made fervent with zeal,

May fraud's venom be not known.

And may Christ be food for us,

and may our drink be faith;

may we drink Joy's sobre

intoxication of the Spirit.

May this joyful day pass through;

may pruity be as the daybreak,

may faith be just as the midday,

may twilight, the mind now not.

At dawn the course runs forth;

At dawn let all come forth,

in the Father is the entire Son

and entire in the Word is the Father. Amen.