Adorna, Sion

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Adorna, Sion, thalamum (Petrus Abelardus)


Melody: a aag ed g a ab ag a


Adorna, Sion, thalamum,

quae praestolaris Dominum

sponsum et sponsam suscipe

vigil fidei lumine.

Beate senex, propera,

promissa comple gaudia

et revelandum gentibus

revela lumen omnibus.

Parentes Christum deferunt,

in templo templum offerunt;

legi parere voluit

qui legi nihil debuit.

Offer, beata, parvulum,

tuum et Patris unicum;

offer per quem offerimur,

pretium quo redimimur.

Procede, virgo regia,

profer Natum cum hostia;

monet omnes ad gaudium

qui venit salus omnium.

Iesu, tibi sit gloria,

qui te revelas gentibus,

cum Patre et almo Spiritu,

in sempiterna saecula. Amen


Adorn, o Sion, the bridal chamber,

you who await the Lord;

receive the groom and the bride

vigilant in the light of faith.

O blessed old man, hurry,

fulfill the promised joys

and (the light) to be revealed to the gentiles

reveal the light to all.

The parents bring Christ,

in the temple they offer the temple;

he wished to submit to the law

who owed nothing to the law.

Offer, o blessed lady, the child,

yours and of the father only;

offer through whom we are offered,

the price by which we are redeemed.

Proceed, o royal virgin,

bring forth the one Born with a sacrificial offering;

advise all to joy (or, the cause of joy)

who comes as the salvation of all.

Jesus, to you be glory,

who reveal yourself to the gentiles,

with the Father and the propitiuos Spirit

in eternal ages. Amen.

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