Aeterna caeli gloria

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Aeterna caeli gloria (saec. VII-VIII)


Melody: a a a a a ab a a


Aeterna caeli gloria,

beata spes mortalium,

celsi Parentis Unice

castaeque proles Virginis.

Da dexteram surgentibus,

exsurgat et mens sobria

flagrans et in laudem Dei

grates rependat debitas.

Ortus refulget lucifer

ipsamque lucem nuntiat,

cadit caligo noctium,

lux sancta nos illuminet,

Manensque nostris sensibus

noctem repellat saeculi

omnique fine temporis

purgata servet pectora.

Quaesita iam primum fides

radicet altis sensibus,

secunda spes congaudeat;

tunc maior exstat caritas.

Sit, Christe, rex piisime,

tibi Patrique gloria

cum Spiritu Paraclito,

in sempiterna saecula. Amen.


O Eternal Glory of heaven!

O Blessed Hope of mortals!

The Sublime Father's Only One

and Offspring of the chaste Virgin!

Impart your right hand to the arising,

and let the sobre mind stir up

and being inflamed into the praise of God

may it repay due thanks.

The risen morning star shines brightly

and this light announces,

the gloom of night falls,

may the holy light illuminate us,

And remaining in our senses

may it repel the night's age

in all of and in the end of time

may it watch over purified hearts.

May the sought-after faith now first

take root in the deepest senses,

next may hope rejoice together;

then may greater charity come forth.

May it be, O Christ, king most loving,

and to Thee Father: Glory!

with the Spirit Paraclete

in everlasting ages. Amen.