Festiva vos, archangeli

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Festiva vos, archangeli (novus)


Melody: ed g aC C bC D C ba


Festiva vos, archangeli,

haec nostra tollunt cantica,

quos in superna curia

insignit ingens gloria.

Tu nos, cohortis caelicae

invicte princeps, Michael,

dextra corusca robora

Deique serva gratiae.

Qui nuntius delectus es

mysterium maximus,

nos lucis usque, Gabriel,

fac diligamus semitas.

Nobis adesto, Raphael,

ac patriam petentibus

morbos repelle corporum,

affer salutem mentium.

Vosque angelorum candida

nos adiuvetis agmina,

possimus ut consortio

vestro beati perfrui.

Summo Parenti et Filio

honor sit ac Paraclito,

quos vester uno praedicat

concentus hymno perpetim. Amen.


You Festive Ones, Archangels!

Our songs lift up these,

who in the heavenly court

great glory distinguishes.

Thou for us, the caelestial cohort's

invincible leader, Michael,

from your right hand brandish strength

and preserve us in God's grace.

Thou who are the great messenger chosen

of the mysteries,

make that we may love the paths

of light always, Gabriel.

Aid us, Raphael,

and those petitioning for our native land

repel the illnesses of our bodies,

bring health of mind.

And you all the white throng of angels

may you all help us,

that we may be blessed to be able

to enjoy in your company.

To the Supreme Father and to the Son

may honor be and to the Paraclete,

Whom your singing proclaims

with one hymn perpetually. Amen.