Summae Deus

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Summae Deus clementiae (saec. VI-VII)


Melody: d e f g eg f e f


Summae Deus clementiae

mundique factor machinae,

qui trinus almo numine

unusque firmas omnia,

Nostros piis cum canticis

fletus benigne suscipe,

quo corde puro sordibus

te perfruamur largius.

Lumbos adure congruis

tu caritatis ignibus,

accincti ut adsint perpetim

tuisque prompti adventibus,

Ut, quique horas noctium

nunc concinendo rumpimus,

donis beatae patriae

ditemur omnes affatim.

Praesta, Pater piisime,

Patrique compar Unice,

cum Spiritu Paraclito

regnans per omne saeculum. Amen.


O God of supreme mercy

and Maker of the machine of the world,

Thou who are Three in gracious divinity

and One Thou strengthen all,

With pious canticles our

weeping kindly accept,

so that in a heart pure from sordidnesses

Thee we may enjoy lavishly.

The loins, Burn with what is suitable

Thou! With the fires of charity,

girded that they may be present perpetually

and ready for Thine advents,

And that we, who the hours of the nights

now, with what has to be sung, break,

with gifts of the blessed land

we all may be enriched sufficiently.

Grant this, Father most tender,

and Only Equal to the Father,

with the Spirit Paraclete

reigning through every age. Amen.