Tu Trinitatis

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Tu, Trinitatis Unitas (saec. VI?)


Melody: d e f g eg f e f


Tu, Trinitatis Unitas,

orbem potenter qui regis,

attende laudum cantica

quae excubantes psallimus.

Nam lectulo consurgimus

noctis quieto tempore,

ut flagitemus vulnerum

a te medelam omnium.

Quo, fraude quicquid daemonum

in noctibus deliquimus

abstergat illud caelitus

tuae potestas gloriae.

Te corde fido quaesumus,

reple tuo nos lumine,

per quod dierum circulis

nullis ruamus actibus.

Praesta, Pater piisime,

Patrique compar Unice,

cum Spiritu Paraclito

regnans per omne saeculum. Amen.


Thou, Unity of the Trinity,

the world powerfully Thou doth rule,

attend the songs of praise

which we, keeping watch, sing with psalms.

For from bed we rise

in night's quiet time,

that we may entreat of wounds

from Thee the remedy of them all.

By Thee, from whatever trickery of the demons

in the nights we have failed,

may the power of Thine glory

wipe that off from heaven.

Thee with a heart faithful we beseech,

fill us with Thine light,

through which in the days' cycles

in no acts, may we fail.

Grant this, Father most tender,

and Only Equal to the Father,

with the Spirit Paraclete

reigning through every age. Amen.