Commune, vos, apostoli

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Commune vos, apostoli (novus)



Commune vos, apostoli,

extollat hymni iubilum,

quos advocat par gratia,

coronat una gloria.

Ardore pulsus caelico,

Christi premis vestigia,

Simon, et illum nuntias

zelo peractus impigro.

Tu carne frater, assecla

fraterque Christi spiritu,

Iuda, Magistrum praedicas

scriptisque fratres erudis.

Nec pertimescit sanguinem

uterque purum fundere,

ut veritatis enitens

sit testis atque victima.

O summa caeli sidera,

nos detis ut per aspera,

fide valentes integra,

tendamus ad caelestia.

Patri per aevum gloria

Natoque cum Paraclito,

quorum supernis gaudiis

simul fruemur perpetim. Amen.


O ye, Apostles, let the common

joyful sound of hymn rise,

You who equal grace calls,

one glory crowns.

Struck by heavenly ardor,

thou pursue Christ's footsteps,

Simon, and Him thou announce

with zeal, to the end active.

Thou brother in the flesh, follower

and brother of Christ in spirit,

Jude, the Master thou preach

and, in script, the brothers thou instruct.

Not afraid of blood

pure to shed, each of them,

so that, of truth, shining forth,

he may be a witness and also a victim.

O great stars of heaven,

may you grant that we by adversities,

valient in faith intact,

may strive up to the heavens.

To the Father, through all time Glory!

and to the Begotten with the Paraclete,

in whose heavenly joys

likewise may we delight in perpetually.