Deus qui caeli

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Deus, qui caeli lumen es (saec. V-VI)


Melody: e c d f ef g f e


Deus, qui caeli lumen es

satorque lucis, qui polum

paterno fultum bracchio

praeclara pandis dextera.

Aurora stellas iam tegit

rubrum sustollens gurgitem,

umectis atque flatibus

terram baptizans roribus.

Iam noctis umbra linquitur,

polum caligo deserit,

typusque Christi, lucifer

diem sopitum suscitat,

Dies dierum tu, Deus,

lucisque lumen ipse es,

Unum potens per omnia,

potens in unum Trinitas.

Te nunc, Salvator, quaesumus

tibique genu flectimus,

Patrem cum Sancto Spiritu

totis laudantes vocibus. Amen.


O God, Thou who, heaven's light, Thou are

and the sower of daylight; Thou who, the sky,

held up by a paternal arm,

spread out with a lustrous right hand.

The dawn now conceals the stars,

raising on high a red gulf,

with a moist and blowing

dew, baptising the earth.

Now the night's shadow is relinquished,

the darkness deserts the sky,

and the type of Christ, the morning star

stirs up the day that was lulled to sleep.

The Day of days, Thou, O God,

and the daylight's light, Thyself are,

One, powerful through all,

powerful in one, O Trinity!

Thee now, O Saviour, we pray

and to Thee the knee we bend,

Father with the Holy Spirit,

praising with all our voices. Amen.