Lucis largitor

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Lucis largitor splendide (ante saec. VI)


Melody: e c d f ef g f e


Lucis largitor splendide,

cuius sereno lumine

post lapsa noctis tempora

dies refusus panditur,

Tu verus mundi lucifer,

non is qui parvi sideris

venturae lucis nuntius

angusto fulget lumine.

Sed toto sole clarior,

lux ipse totus et dies,

interna nostri pectoris

illuminans praecordia.

Evincat mentis castitas

quae caro cupit arrogans,

sanctumque puri corporis

delubrum servet Spiritus.

Sit, Christe, rex piisime,

tibi Patrique gloria

cum Spiritu Paraclito

in semptierna saecula. Amen.


O Splendid Giver of Light

whose, with serene light,

after the lapsed times of night,

restored day is spread out,

Thou are the world's true light-bearer.

not he who is the lesser star:

the approaching light's herald

shines forth with scanty light.

But brighter than the whole sun,

this very light is entire and the day,

illuminating the aspects

internal of our hearts.

May chastity of the mind overcome

those things the arrogant flesh desires,

and may the holy shrine of the pure body

serve the Spirit.

May it be, O Christ, king most loving,

and to Thee Father: Glory!

with the Spirit Paraclete

in everlasting ages. Amen.