Nunc tempus

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Nunc tempus acceptabile (saec. X)



Nunc tempus acceptabile

fulget datum divinitus,

ut sanet orbem languidum

medela parsimoniae.

Christi decoro lumine

dies salutis emicat,

dum corda culpis saucia

reformat abstinentia.

Hanc mente nos et corpore,

Deus, tenere perfice,

ut appetamus prospero

perenne pascha transitu.

Te rerum universitas,

clemens, adoret, Trinitas,

et nos novi per veniam

novum canamus canticum. Amen.


Now the time acceptable

shines, given from heaven,

to heal a world languid

with the remedy of parsimony.

By Christ's beautiful light

the day of salvation shines forth,

while hearts, by faults, wounded

reform with abstinence.

This, in our mind and body,

O God, complete to keep,

that we may desire in the propitious

eternal passing over in the Pasch.

To Thee, may the universe of all things

adore, O Clement Trinity,

and us, made new by Thine forgiveness,

sing a new canticle. Amen.