Primo dierum

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Primo dierum omnium (saec. VI-VII)


Melody: d e f g eg f e f


Primo dierum omnium,

quo mundus exstat conditus

vel quo resurgens conditor

nos, morte victa, liberat.

Pulsis procul torporibus,

surgamus omnes ocius,

et nocte quaeramus pium,

sicut Prophetam novimus.

Nostras preces ut audiat

suamque dextram porrigat,

et hic piatos sordibus

reddat polorum sedibus,

Ut, quique sacratissimo

huius diei tempore

horis quietis psallimus,

donis beatis muneret.

Deo Patri sit gloria

eiusque soli Filio

cum Spiritu Paraclito,

in sempiterna saecula. Amen.


On the First of all days,

in which the world hidden becomes visible

also in which the Author, resurrecting,

death having been conquered, liberates us.

Slothfulnesses having been driven far away,

may we all rise swifter

and in the night let us seek the Holy One,

as from the Prophet we have known,

That our prayers may he hear

and His right hand may He stretch out

and here those having been cleansed from sordidness

may He return to seats in the heights,

That, too, we who to the Most Holy

of this day in time

in hours of quiet sing psalms,

with blessed gifts may He bestow.

To God the Father may glory be

and to his only Son

with the Spirit Paraclete,

in everlasting ages. Amen.