Quas tibi laudes

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Quas tibi laudes (novus)


Melody: a D C D F


Quas tibi laudes ferimusque vota,

nos tuis possint meritis iuvare,

Martha, quam mire sibi corde iungit

Christus amico.

Te frequens visit Dominus tuaque

in domo degit placida quiete

ac tuis verbis studiisque laetans

teque ministra.

Tu prior fratrem quereris perisse,

cumque germana lacrimata multum,

aspicis vitae subita Magistri

voce redire.

Quae fide prompta stabilem fateris

spem resurgendi, Domino probante,

impetra nobis cupide in perenne

pergerer regnum.

Laus Deo Patri, Genitoque virtus,

Flamini Sancto parilis potestas,

gloriam quorum petimus per aevum

cernere tecum. Amen.


To thee praises which we bring with prayers,

us may thine merits be able to assist,

Martha, whom marvelously to His heart heart joined

Christ, as a friend.

To thee the frequenting Lord visited and in

thine house he spent time in placid quiet

and in thine words and efforts He was rejoicing

and in thee as attendant.

Thou leading, Thou lament thine brother's perishing

and with sister wept much,

Thou observe among those who came for life's Master's

voice to respond.

Which in faith ready Thou confess a steady

hope in the future rising, when the Lord probed,

Obtain for us eagerly, into the everlasting

kingdom, we may be proceeded!

Praise to God the Father, and to the Begotten be strength,

to the Holy Flame be equal power,

whose glory we desire through time

to see with thee. Amen.